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“The Library Soul” is a project that wants to find that which unites us through books in the best place for it: a public library. The one open community space and source of wisdom, knowledge and culture. We are now in a world where (almost) everything can be found on the internet, yet it may very well be the best time to reclaim something that libraries offer: personal relationships, between users and between the reader and the book.  
“The Library Soul” is a project that has taken their first steps in the Eugenio Trías Public Library in Madrid (Spain), in the Stockholms Stadsbibliotek in Stockholm (Sweden) and in The Ivan Bazov Library and several Chitalishte in Plovdiv (Bulgaria).  But it has no boundaries. It can continue at any library, in any country, in any language.  Our project will be a large exhibition integrated by readers of all ages and nationalities, libraries of different  kinds, size and from different countries and many, many books.  
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